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Dialogue editing

Dialogue editing is one of the most important element in the project. After all, the context of the characters is the key to the entire storyline. ‘Sound Feature’ can clean up the dialogue and synchronise it if needed. Also, an ADR session can be provided if there is a problem with the material from the production. In dialogue section, for every problem that you have we can find the best solution.

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Sound effects design & editorial

As a post production sound studio, we own not only sound effects libraries, but also creating a new and unique sounds specifically for each and every project. At ‘Sound Feature’, there is always a search for a new ways to explore and to create different and interesting sounds. The sound design progress is always trying to bring the unique sound visual art to the project and not only to compliment it, but to elevate it.

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‘Sound Feature’ believes that the work of a Foley artist is one of most humanise character that sound has to offer. The traditionally recorded foley and the digital foley is a perfect tools and can give the project the experience of a natural feel and rich human performance created by a designer who play “live” on a keyboard or by record it. Every project has his unique sound and that is why we can help you choose the right method for your project.

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Re-recording mix

When you put all the elements together, the music, the sound effects, the dialogue and the foley are becoming  the basic start for the final stage in the sound progress, the mix. In ‘Sound Feature,’ mix is the way to make sure that the sound is impressively immersive experience for the listener. In order to make the best experience for the clients, our job is to make sure that they will be pleased and satisfied from our work.

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Original music

Music is a dynamic and versatile tool in each and every film. The creation of the music is done by the composer and by the director which need to think together how to create the right music for the film. The job of the composer is to interpret the thoughts and the meaning of the director regarding the music and to create it into the ideal one for the film.

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